Satin Blackout CurtinsShould you happen to be looking for very affordable curtains or blinds in a plain colour, then Satin Blackout Material may hold the answer. Satin Blackout Curtains are relatively new to the market and should not be confused with Blackout Lining which we also stock.


The advantages of Satin Blackout Curtain Material

30 beautiful colours to choose from.  (Great for bedrooms)

Filters out up to 95% of light.

Can be used as a coloured lining behind dress or voile material.

3 meters long.  (Any width supplied-no joins)

Protects and prevents furniture, carpets and rugs from fading.

Thermal insulation: Prevents up to 25% heat loss in winter.

Regulates room temperature.

Reduces noise.

Fire retardant and therefore is a great choice for bedrooms, hotel rooms, bars and home cinemas.

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